Fast Load Data To SQL Server Using Python

Introduction There's plenty of good online material on how to insert data to SQL Server using python but most of it is aimed at OLTP type work loads. Essentially using the python modules pyodbc or sqlalchemy you can insert data from a CSV file to a table but you'll notice that each row is inserted … Continue reading Fast Load Data To SQL Server Using Python

View SQL Server Backup History

For the occasions that you need to check the backup history of your SQL Instance this script is helpful. /****************** * Title: View Latest Backup History * Notes: Provides detail on the last backups and when they took place. *******************/ SELECT bs.[database_name] AS DatabaseName ,bs.backup_start_date AS DateStart ,bs.backup_finish_date AS DateFinished ,DATEDIFF(MI, bs.backup_start_date, bs.backup_finish_date) AS DurationMin … Continue reading View SQL Server Backup History